Captain Kirk Loves NFT’s

C.A. Ramirez
5 min readNov 19, 2022
William Shatner on Twitter

NFT’s. Scorn. Disdain. Opportunity. The masses are in disarray, but their congress of chaos is heading towards a new renaissance. Digital ownership is the future. Conducting the course of your content. Directing your personal data. Commanding agency over your life. The human condition is predicated upon a universal foundation; risk is our business!

JPMorgan. Goldman Sachs. Fidelity and Blackrock. Ominous corporations helmed by the elite. A digital dollar is on the lips of the Federal Reserve. Rumors of a global crypto currency swirl on the 6th street train to Fulton. The young bloods of Reddit are gearing up for the largest transference of wealth. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Dogecoin and Shibu. Esoteric names for a mystifying conflagration of digitized tokens and coins. The world is changing forever and you need to pay attention.

It costs $40,000 to transfer $1M USD from the U.S. to the U.K., and it takes 2–4 business days. $500M was transferred on the ETH network in minutes for a few dollars. FIAT is dying. FIAT is old. FIAT is so last century. In order to seize the future, some of the past must be forgotten. Crypto is poised to erase inflationary global currencies with decentralized ones, and NFT’s are the threshold which every human being on Earth will cross.

William Shatner. Actor. Human. Crypto enthusiast and lover of NFT’s…strange. I welcome the unorthodox. When a Boomer speaks of NFT’s with any fraction of understanding, everyone should pay attention. Shatner is an actor, but he represents the ideals of one of the greatest science fiction worlds to ever be constructed. The universe in which Star Trek is set is one where the accumulation of wealth has been replaced by artistic, scientific, scholarly, and societal pursuits. Honor and dignity are the new money and status of this world, and the members of the Enterprise reflect these virtues. Shatner’s latest tweets are a breath of fresh air for the world of NFT’s. When a 91-year-old man can see the value of digital ownership in the video game industry, anyone can.

C.A. Ramirez

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