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GameStopNFT & MetaBoy Announcement

C.A. Ramirez
2 min readOct 12, 2022

GameStop NFT Marketplace teases big splash. The video game retailer turned-technology company outsold the entirety of Coinbase’s marketplace in its first week. A partnership with MetaBoy has fans of both cheering.

The nature of the partnership between GameStop and MetaBoy is unknown. One thing is certain, the value of MetaBoy will increase dramatically because of this news. Cyber Crew experienced a huge increase in sales when they announced owners of certain NFT’s would be “air-dropped” even more exclusive in-game assets.

Cyber Crew Airdrop Exclusive — “outskirts” by Creator Tanashi Airdropped to holders of Cyber Crew NFT’s.

Web3 Gaming will be based upon users and players owning their digital content. Artists are now in a position to be closer to their audience than ever before. We are all streaming our media. Our music and movies go away when we stop paying the monthly fees. Digital ownership will be the backbone of Web3 commerce and revolutionize P2P sales across a myriad of industries. MetaBoy and GameStop are going to need to top that enthusiasm in order to sustain it.

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